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Hotels and Accommodations

Naperville boasts a wide array of over-night accommodations including luxurious full service, comfortable select service, roomy suites, extended stay facilities, and a cozy historic bed and breakfast. There are seventeen lodging choices to choose from in Naperville.

Hotels like the Embassy and Marriot are available in addition to smaller and quainter places to stay. Harrison House Bed and Breakfast is a historic Victorian home located in Downtown Naperville which provides a cozy visit. Naperville has a variety of styles and sizes of hotels for any stay a visitor may prefer.

Since Naperville is located just 28 miles from Chicago, 25 miles from O'Hare, and 30 miles from Midway, it is the perfect place to stay for business meetings, family gatherings, special annual events, as well as musical and sporting events.

The team at the Naperville Convention and Visitors Bureau will help plan and accommodate visits in Naperville. The staff’s expertise in hotel and event planning, as well as their knowledge of the Naperville area, allows them to create a wonderful experience for visitors.

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