Entreprenuership & Workforce Development

Naperville has many great entreprenuer programs, geared towards helping and developing new businesses and new business owners.

Naper Launch

NaperLaunch, is at business startup center at the Nichols Library. The lineup of programs, events, and workshops at NaperLaunch is set and we’re excited about it. We hope you are, too, and that you’ll find something in that lineup that will be of value to you and your business. Please check out NaperLaunch at www.naperville-lib.org/naperlaunch and explore the other business services at Naperville Public Library at www.naperville-lib.org/business. All are welcome to participate in these events and learn how NaperLaunch will meet your needs as an entrepreneur and small business owner.

North Central College Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE)

North Central College's CIE is dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation in every field, not just traditional business disciplines. It is integrated into every discipline — sports, arts, STEM, history, business, and more. The CIE is a bridge to the business community and has three main roles:

First, it will support faculty as they incorporate real-world applications into coursework, recognizing that employers from every sector expect new employees to demonstrate creativity and leadership skills from Day One.

Second, the CIE will forge connections among local small businesses, students and the College at large. It will offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring to entrepreneurs with a concentration on alumni. The CIE will offer practical workshops on topics, including how to get a startup in motion, craft business plans, become investor ready and use social media. Seminars will be geared to the business community and also will be open to students who want to complement their degrees and network.

Third, the Center will take its work directly to downtown Naperville—literally. A renovated space will serve as a business accelerator at the corner of Chicago Avenue and Washington Street. Clients can rent “coworking” space, set up a business, access CIE coaching, share resources and gain more exposure to potential customers.

For more information email entrepreneur@noctrl.edu

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